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Direct2florist is proud to present a great way to send flowers from overseas to Switzerland. With partner florists in Switzerland who can offer great same day flower delivery and next day flowers meaning customers can buy with confidence when sending flowers for a Birthday. At Direct2florist we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, timely flower deliveries and beautiful flowers hand delivered by local florists. Take a moment to read our customer reviews so you can be sure of your purchase before going ahead.

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Nothing can beat the pleasure of receiving flowers, on special occasions, like birthdays. Most people prefer flowers on their birthdays compared to other gifts. It is easier to send a bouquet of dazzling colors, fragrant and attractive flowers to your loved ones than spending countless moments thinking and buying a gift. Nowadays with improved communication and technology, you can even send birthday flowers to your loved ones, friends, and relatives situated in any part of the world.

With the help of a good and a reliable florist, you can send birthday flowers on the same day. Most professional florists promise to deliver the flowers on the same day because of their quick delivery and prompt service. They normally have tie-ups with local florists and guarantee delivery on the same day. Gone are the days, when you had to place an order, days in advance and there was no guarantee if the flowers would reach the special person on time.

Did you know that you can send birth flowers according to the birth months? For e.g. you can send carnations to somebody whose birthday is in January, roses for those whose birthdays are in June, Iris for those in February and so on. These birth flowers have special meanings and significance. Like Carnations signify gratitude, beauty, admiration and other qualities, similarly, Iris is synonymous with valor, wisdom and faith and passion. You can send specialized flowers by sending birth flowers to your near and dear ones.

Then there are birthday flowers that you can send to a girl, child or a guy. For girls, flowers are more colorful with a strong fragrance and are beautifully decorated with ribbons. A good floral arrangement with an array of colors is the key to gift any girl, birthday flowers. These flowers for guys come with no fuss or frills, mostly of one color with a pleasant fragrance. The flowers for children are normally creative, unique and designed with streamers and toys to make it special for them.