Frequently Asked Questions

Will the florist advise if they need to substitute?

In the event the florist currently does not have stock of the flowers you have chosen, then the florist may substitute. The florist will be sure to create a beautiful bouquet or floral arrangement to the same value, but the florist may change flowers and include different colours, but they will be sure to match the style & design of your chosen gift. In the event you have ordered a specific item like a dozen red roses for example, or a bouquet of sunflowers. Then either the florist or Direct2florist will advise the customer that the requested flowers are currently not available, a substitute will be offered or else soonest delivery date will be offered.

Can the florist promise delivery times?

Direct2florist offers same day flower delivery with a proviso for AM or PM delivery. Please be aware timed deliveries can be requested but cannot be promised. The most likely scenario to guarantee your timed delivery request is to order your flowers in advance. All our florists pull out the stops to meet the requests of customers, but if you definitely need flowers delivering before a certain time, its better to order at least one day before the delivery date. Funeral deliveries take precedence and will always be delivered to time, but please once again be aware ordering funeral flowers on the day of the funeral may make this impossible. In summary AM or PM is a reasonable request that can usually be met by the florist, especially if the flowers are ordered a day in advance. If its a same day delivery, please be realistic, the florist will try their best to meet your deadline.

Do Direct2florist florists deliver on Public Holidays?

Basically most of our florists do not deliver on Public Holidays, some may do, but generally the vast majority do not. If you need flowers to be delivered on a Public Holiday, you can request it, but please be aware the flowers may be delivered on the day before, or the day after depending on when you ordered. On receipt of your order, you will receive an email detailing the flower shops contact details enabling you to contact them directly if you wish.

What about Sunday Deliveries?

Sunday flower deliveries can be arranged on Direct2florist, but in order to guarantee a Sunday Flower Delivery please be sure to order your flowers at least by Friday afternoon in advance. This way we can check with the florist on your behalf and advise if there is a problem. Please note, not all florists are open on Sundays. If your flower order is received on a Sunday for Sunday delivery it is possible the flowers may not be delivered until Monday (the florist may be closed.) If this is the case, we will email and check you still wish for the flowers to be delivered. On receipt of your flower order you will receive an email detailing all the florists contact details including their telephone number.

Have my flowers been delivered?

By the nature of Internet ordering, it is very common that you may be sending flowers to a different part of the country or the world and therefore you may not have immediate contact with the recipient. It becomes very important to know if the flowers have been delivered, this is why we have developed our delivery notification system on Direct2florist. Upon completion of every order, Direct2florist flower shops tag the order as accepted which in turn sends a courtesy email to you the customer. The purpose of this email is to let you know your flowers have been successfully delivered. Usually you would receive notification of delivery within hours of the delivery completion, however if you have not yet received delivery notification you can contact your florist directly or else email Direct2florist at

What happens when the recipient is not home?

If the florist arrives at the destination address to find nobody is home, the florist will leave a calling card advising the recipient that the flowers may have been left with a neighbour or in a safe place (like a garage/shed for example) or else the flowers are back at the flower shop. If the flowers are back at the flower shop then its simply a case of re-organising a convenient delivery time.

How do I star rate the service?

In order to continually improve our service, we invite all our customers to star rate the service. You will receive a “delivery completion” email which invites you to star rate the service and place a comment. Comments and star ratings are appended to the florists page for other shoppers to read.

Which Flowers Should I Buy?

There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from, so it really depends on personal preferences and the occasion. Here are a few suggestions:

  • For a romantic gesture, roses are a classic choice. You can choose from traditional red, or opt for a softer colour like pink or white.
  • If you're looking for something a bit more unique, consider buying peonies, sunflowers, or lilies.

Other options could be a bouquet of the recipient's favourite flowers or a mixed bouquet with a variety of colours and types of flowers. Considering personal preferences and the occasion is key to choosing the perfect bouquet!